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Products    - Tanks

The tank is a cylinder-shaped device whose main elements include:

  • tank ends (flat, conical or ellipsoid) and
  • jacket (heating or cooling).

Depending on the type and purpose of individual Customer's needs the tank may be additionally equipped with:

  • insulation
  • stirrer
  • level indicator
  • connecting pipes
  • instrumentation
  • manholes
  • service ladders

Stainless steel is the basic material used for the construction of tanks.
At Customer's request we can also make tanks of carbon steel.
Our offer includes standing (vertical) and lying (horizontal) tanks.
In our plant we produce tanks of the maximum capacity of 100,000 litres, but there is also the possibility to install tanks of greater capacities at our Customers'.

Due to their purpose, the tanks can be divided into:

  • storage
  • water storage (PZH attestations allowing for contact with drinking water)
  • rainwater tank
  • process-technological

Single-jacket (uninsulated) tanks storage- intended for storing liquid and semi-liquid materials with the possibility of heating (insulation)
Double-jacket insulated tanksprocess-technological - intended for conducting the processing of raw materials in the foodstuffs, chemical and pharmaceutical industries
Three-jacket tanks (insulated with a heating or cooling jacket)
Pressure tanks
Excise tanksstorage - intended for storing flammable substances